Candid Pre Wedding Photographer

Traditional Wedding Photography

We are focused on capturing real emotions and telling your story. We take great care to capture the authentic moments, the candid moments, and everything in between. We're constantly tuned into your emotions and flow of activities to ensure you get the most beautiful images that best reflect your special day.
Fotomamas prides themselves on making each person feel comfortable in front of the camera, ensuring that they are truly enjoying the experience. We use a natural, contemporary style to create high-quality images that showcase your awesome personality, connecting with you in a way that no other photographer could.
In addition to creating stunning wedding albums, we also offer save the dates and thank you cards. Many couples choose to use them for their engagement session as well.

Candid Wedding Photography

Fotomamas pride themselves on producing quality photographs over quantity. The images we create capture the organic moments of your day, and their goal with these beautiful images is to help inspire long and lasting marriages. Our experienced team of photographers uses a storytelling approach to capture your love story through heartwarming images.
We will use your style and vision to photograph the emotions experienced on your wedding day.

Candid Pre Wedding Photographer

Traditional videography

Fotomamas creates a high-quality, memorable video content that reflects your unique wedding-day experience from start to finish. We offers full day and partial coverage for your wedding day, so that you can get exactly the parts you want captured. We offer tons of video options, such as aerial footage, smooth motion stabilization, multiple angles, and more, using only the highest quality of equipment to ensure the best possible final product.
Fotomamas Productions can shoot using a cinematic, documentary, short form, storytelling, or traditional videography style, giving you endless options for how your wedding video can look. Some of the specific videography services offered by Fotomamas Productions include Additional hours, Client revisions,Save the date, Raw footage, Multiple cameras and locations, High-definition video, One event per day etc.

Wedding cinematography

Its an long stories of the past and the sparkling light of the delightful future of the bride and the groom. A professional wedding cinema gives you a professional movie starring you and your partner. It is entirely different from a regular wedding video.This opportunity to experience your most precious moments again and again for years to come.
For every wedding, we have a chief cinematographer and depending on the number of guests and the scale of the wedding, several directors of photography. After the shoot, we normally take three to four month’s time to do the editing which is again done under the supervision of our cinematographer. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a 3-5 minute short trailer and a 20-25 minute full blown wedding cinema or just a 20-25 minute wedding film. All the output is of course in high definition videos.

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Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography is a fairly new trend where engaged couples decide to have professional photos taken in a special location and pick their favorite poses before their wedding day. This shoot is usually done a few months before the wedding and the couples wear their wedding outfits.The actual day of the wedding has couples rushing all over the place and most of the photos are taken with friends and relatives. We help you to capture pre wedding emotions of couples with lovely emotions like shyness, happiness, expectations, tension that tells so many stories and they can be enjoyed with near and dear ones for years to come.

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Post Wedding Photography

The post wedding photography is one of the best part of our life throughout the adventure of a wedding, it will bring out the best of every moment. The actual bonding between a newly-wed couple takes place after the wedding is over and you will feel that you two are alone with no one to look. Take beautiful shots of the couple together - holding hands, give your favorite poses or just sitting close to each other sharing a memory of something special. We will give you unique, different, creative photo shoot.